To the point of an extreme

Definitions of the word “extreme” includes, “reaching a high or the highest degree”, “being furthest from the centre or a given point” and it’s also defined as “being two abstract things, that are as different from each other as possible”. 

Subjectivity refers to how someone’s judgement is shaped by personal opinions and feelings instead of outside influences, while objectivity is a definition which means a lack of bias, judgement, or prejudice. 

When we consider the word “extreme”, it’s easy to fall into the trap of the subjective, where actions and incidents are based on emotional reactions, over an objective analysis on the cause and affect of an entire situation. 

If we as a collective society experienced regime change, which saw the emergence of Utopia on one side and mass devastation on the other, inside of each society would exist similar extremes, that would directly relate to the circumstances of the environment. 

In both of these societies, the needs of the populations would essentially remain the same, as they did under the previous regimes, whilst the only thing that would change, would be the perspective and organisation of the given regime itself.

Upbeat, The Story of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq

The story of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq is here told by Paul MacAlindin its musical director, from its inception to its eventual end. 

The NYOI came through the most difficult and dangerous of times to produce fine music not only in Iraq but also in Britain, Germany and France. 

A beacon of hope and achievement the young musicians and their tutors made bridges across their own ethnic divisions, made great music in the most trying and tragic of circumstances, and became their country’s best ambassadors in 5000 years. 

You can pre-order your copy of Upbeat The Story of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq in book or Kindle on Upbeat is available to purchase in all good bookshops on August 10th.