A May Day Date With The RNLI

On Friday 13th May I was out with the Royal National Lifeboat Institute in Manchester, where we were fundraising and helping to educate the public on the excellent services the RNLI provides to the people of Britain. 

As you may be aware, the RNLI provide a voluntary sea rescue service on the coasts of Britain, along with lifeguard services on beaches across the country and the Republic of Ireland. 

The efforts that were undertaken across Manchester, were part of the organisations national May Day Appeal and coincided with other UK wide events and activities to develop this outstanding service. 

The RNLI has a newly established city of Manchester branch, which welcomes everyone to get involved and whom commit their energy to supporting the heroic efforts of the men and women, who volunteer their services to safeguarding the lives of the British public. 

For more information, to make a donation or to get further involved with the RNLI please check out their website www.RNLI.org

May Day in Manchester

The International Workers Day celebrations were kicked off for May Day, where at the Mechanics Institute in Manchester, England, a variety of campaigns and Trade Unions gathered to celebrate Britain’s working people. 

Among the array of stalls were Trade Unions representing Firefighters, Bakers, health professionals and teachers. Other stalls included campaigning bodies on issues relating to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. 

Throughout the day, talks were held on subjects relating to the International Working Class movements, with lengthy debates on Latin America, the Middle East, the UK and European Union. 

Outside of the talks, people conversed in the bar, debating at length the many political subjects, that were being encountered throughout the day.All debates were lively, inclusive and attracted audiences from a range of working, retired, voluntary and unemployed backgrounds. 

The event was brought to a close with a rally, and a platform of speakers from Trade Unions representing teachers, medics, firefighters, along with NUM president Arthur Scargill, who shot to prominence in the early 1980’s for leading the Miners Strike, against the government of Margaret Thatcher.